How To Buy Childrens Mp3 Players

Published: 10th March 2009
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These days it seems like everyone has an mp3 player in their hips. It's no wonder that kids want to get in on the act, too. There are lot of top companies produced portable music player for childrens. Digital Mp3 Player is a small and easy to use device, and children of any age can operate and enjoy using these wonderful devices. It's up to you as a parent to make the best choice by taking many things into consideration.

The Children mp3 player prices range from $10 to $100s per player. Choosing a reasonable player requires a little research because many electronic devices are basically obsolete soon after purchase. The hope for this purchase is that your child will get a few years use out of their mp3 player.

Some consideration when you choose mp3 players for childrens are:

Your childs age, little ones don't need the features that older kids will use. choosing mp3 player with built in speaker is a wise decission for younger childs.

Ease of use is very important. You'll probably be teaching younger children how to load their music and choose music download files.

Durability of the player, kids will drop things frequently, so choose a player that matches your child's intended use.

Consider how much storage space your child will really need. The 256 MB is great for a younger child but it's definitely not enough space for a teenager.

Consider other features such as video capability, voice recording and playback, FM radio access, file sharing, and expandable memory. All of these features are available on higher end model MP3 players.

Lets take alook at our top 3 childrens mp3 players:

Sweetpea 3, Sweetpea 3 mp3 player probably still the best for 0 to 8 years school age children, toddlers and even infant in 2008. The large LCD display which shows song number is very simple with only three buttons. The players has so many advantages: plays MP3 and WMA files, 1 GB memory, hidden volume control, support for up to 3 playlists, programmable auto off time, over 40 hours on a single AA battery (included), durable exterior of soft, food-grade rubber. This slashproof player is easy to operate by any childs and offers a built-in handle,external speaker and comes preloaded with several children's songs and stories. Conclussion: The SweetPea3 is a perfect mp3 player that's an excellent choice for parents who want to provide their younger childs or developmentally disabled adult children with digital music.

Sandisk Sansa Shaker, The Sandisk Sansa Shaker features a simple, kid-friendly design and will be available in a variety of colors. The player is half-toy and shuffles up music when shaken. Fun sound effects when the player is paused or turned on and off add to its appeal. It's inexpensive and includes an external speaker and two headphone jacks for sharing. The player requires no special cables, Rugged - it has been dropped several times with no ill effects, has support for two headphones (not included). The player is comfortable to hold, good sound, lots of capacity, easy to setup (only file manager drag and drop is available) through either a card reader or the included USB cable). Unfortunately, the flap covering the ports on the bottom of the Shaker may not be durable over time, and the player lack of rechargeable battery.It does not turn off on its own, so it will drain the battery if your kid forgets to turn it off . The player only supports MP3s. Conclussion: the operations of the player are also not that simple, as expect to be. You actually need to teach the kid how to operate it. If you want to get your children started on digital music at a young age, the Sansa Shaker provides a great way to do so: it's inexpensive, simple, and acts like a toy.

Crayola children mp3 player, The new colourful kids mp3 player from Crayola seems will be closest rival of Sansa Shaker and Sweet Pea 3 with it's five oversized buttons to make music playback simple for kids of four and up to control. It also has a built-in speaker, a voice recorder and comfortable earphone.

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